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6/6/07 01:35 pm - Five hottest moments/May story roundup

Ages ago, when the meme was going around to pick your five favourite stories, [info]flipmontigirl tagged me to list mine. And I tried, I really did. But I couldn't do it, not pick just five. So I decided to do a variation, and I've picked my five favourite hottest moments in my stories. Which is quite telling really - I've read through a lot of my older stories to do this, and much as I like the sex scenes I've written in various fandoms, it all comes down to certain characters for me. And Sam Winchester, mostly - Sam makes me porny! And hot!!

These are in no particular order.

five hottest moments )

I haven't posted a story round-up for May. I'm almost ashamed to do so - driest month in ages.

Lorelai's Little Girl [Gilmore Girls, Rory, Lorelai, gen, PG, 100 words. A missing scene from the series finale.]

I would cradle you tight in my arms, always [Supernatural, Dean/Sam, mention of Dean/Cassie, R, 1,547 words. A coda to All Hell Breaks Loose part 1]
This story hurt to write - I actually cried at one point while I was writing it.

we'll love you just the way you are, if you're perfect [Gilmore Girls, Dean, gen, G, 100 words.]
Ten years. Stars Hollow hasn't changed. Dean has.

And Who Will Save Him? [Supernatural, Dean, Sam, gen, PG, 100 words. Coda to 2x20.]
Always with the right thing, no matter the cost.

ETA: A message to whoever left that comment about me on [info]mrsronweasley's Anonymous Love Meme - I ♥ you so much! Thank you!!

5/30/07 04:55 pm - icons: it doesn't really say that in Swedish

Fandom, you are boring me. That is inexcusable! Make up for it, pronto!

Actually, Nan's made up for it, posting the list of SPN S2 DVD extras. An audio commentary for In My Time of Dying by Kim Manners, JP and JA, and JP's screentest! \o/ There's other stuff too, but those are the things that make me happy in my pants.

I've made a whole load of icons lately, because writing and I have had a little falling out and fiction isn't happening.

In case you want to know what's under the cut before you decide whether or not to bother clicking it, there are the following:

01 - 02 Firefly
03 - 06 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
07 - 21 due South
22 - 28 Stargate Atlantis
29 - 31 Smallville
32 - 37 Gilmore Girls
38 - 38 Torchwood
39 - 39 Wilby Wonderful
40 - 49 House M.D.
50 - 61 Numb3rs
62 - 63 Harry Potter
64 - 82 Supernatural
83 - 84 Friday Night Lights

And this is what some of them look like:

if that tempts you, here are more )

5/28/07 10:53 pm - Threads

Threadless have a $10 sale until 3rd June.

In other news, I'm not dead. I am however weeks behind on answering comments and emails - sorry! Nudge me if it's anything urgent.

5/18/07 03:01 pm - All Hell Breaks Loose part 2

So much for staying up for it - I must've fallen asleep about five minutes before the torrent went up! But at least I got four hours sleep, which feels like luxury.

All Hell Breaks Loose part 2 )

picspam )

[ zip file 1 | zip file 2 | zip file 3, sample cap, 1,417 caps, 960x944 | gallery ]

And some icons:

15 icons )

5/17/07 10:36 pm - More distraction techniques

I'm stealing [info]slodwick's music giving idea - give me one word, and I'll give you a song with that word in the title (or something as close as I can get).

Mind you, I might decide to go to bed shortly, and get some sleep before the finale instead of staying up all night for it. In which case you'll get music some time after I've recovered from the finale!

5/17/07 10:29 pm - I spam because I'm nervous

I posted some All Hell Breaks Loose part 1 recs over on [info]spnroundtable - mostly for codas, but also icons and picspam.

I'm not much of one for theories or predictions, but I'm going to put one out here for the Supernatural finale/season 3. I've been spoiled for one thing, but I haven't seen the preview or director's cut or anything, so it's mostly pure speculation and gut feeling and it actually ties in with something I've been expecting to happen all season.

my prediction )

If you know anything spoilery that proves me right or wrong, please don't tell me!

And now I want to do [info]slodwick's music meme, but that'll have to be in a new, 100% spoilerfree post.

5/17/07 09:15 pm - Gilmore Girls Drabble: "Lorelai's Little Girl"

Lorelai's Little Girl [Gilmore Girls, Rory, Lorelai, gen, PG, 100 words. Written for this week's [info]100_coffees prompt, like mother, like daughter. A missing scene from the series finale.]

Lorelai's Little Girl )

5/17/07 01:13 pm - From Cannes

Distraction from the SPN finale countdown:

I was looking for pictures from the CW Upfronts - weren't they last night? Or am I days out or something equally stupid?

eta: looks like I got ahead of myself and they're later today. Thanks [info]ckll.


So, in The Benders, Dean says "What, Sam? Two beers and he's doin' karaoke." True, or big brother joke? I'm betting Sam can drink Dean under the table now, and Dean just won't admit it.

5/16/07 01:05 pm - Gilmore Girls - Bon Voyage

It's over. And I was only just getting to know you. Farewell, Stars Hollow.

Except it's not really goodbye, because now there's all their future just waiting to be written, and I can write it exactly how I want it!

Bon Voyage )

I watched about 15 minutes of the pilot last night, and wow, I'd forgotten how clumsy Sookie was in it (thank heavens they dialed that back), and how ridiculously huge Mrs. Kim's shop was. And Rory talked differently in the pilot - she sounds older in the opening scene in the diner, sort of huskier voiced. Even the diner looked different. question )

I just had a moment of pure undiluted squee, thinking about Supernatural next year. I mean, I didn't really ever doubt it would be renewed, but it's just this moment sunk in that it's absolutely 100% definite, 22 episodes, and my heart did this sort of jumpy poundy thing and my throat's gone all tight.

5/14/07 12:29 pm - Supernatural story: "I would cradle you tight in my arms, always"

Title: I would cradle you tight in my arms, always
Author: Signe
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam (mention of Dean/Cassie)
Rating: R
Word count: 1,547 words
Summary: summary )
Notes: A coda to All Hell Breaks Loose part 1. There are no spoilers in it for the finale. A huge thank you to the lovely [info]annalazarus for being a wonderful beta. Title from 'You Are My Joy', Reindeer Section. Written for [info]svmadelyn's Kink/Cliche Challenge. My prompt was: sleep )

Light format for those who prefer it.

I would cradle you tight in my arms, always )

5/11/07 10:32 pm - perfect just like me

Icons. From All Hell Breaks Loose part 1.

Spoilery. Extremely spoilery.

16 icons, plus 1 )

5/11/07 02:08 pm - Supernatural 2x21 All Hell Breaks Loose 1

All Hell Breaks Loose )

picspam )

[ zip file - 1,202 caps, 960 x528, ~ 70 MB | sample cap | gallery ]

ETA: PLEASE DON'T COMMENT WITH SPOILERS! I've deleted the spoilery comment someone left, so it's a safe post again, but I am really not happy at having been spoiled in my own journal!

5/8/07 08:48 pm - Gilmore Girls Drabble: "we'll love you just the way you are, if you're perfect"

we'll love you just the way you are, if you're perfect [Gilmore Girls, Dean, gen, G, 100 words. Written for this week's [info]100_coffees prompt, eating crow. Title from Perfect by Alanis Morissette.]

Ten years.

Stars Hollow hasn't changed.

Dean has. He drives into town in his Range Rover, window down as he circles the square. Pulls up outside Luke's – he's not thirsty, but he wants a drink anyway.

Familiar faces turn and stare as he enters. He walks tall, every inch the successful architect in his Brook Brothers' suit.

He's good enough for anyone's daughter now.

Luke serves him; he's friendly enough but the conversation's stilted, and Dean's glad to finish his coffee.

He leaves a tip, careless, deliberate. A hundred dollar bill. Worth every cent for the look on Luke's face.


ETA: I have four new journal headers to go with my new layout colour scheme - Jared Padalecki is in all of them!

5/5/07 08:14 pm - Spider-Man 3 screencaps

Thought these might be useful, at least until the DVD comes out.

Spider-Man 3 - spoilery )

[ 1929 caps, 640x272 ] [ gallery ]

Credit would be nice if you're using them.

5/4/07 07:43 pm - Supernatural drabble: "And Who Will Save Him?"

Not sure that I'm going to get any Supernatural caps done this week - sorry. It's been a long week, and I'm knackered! I drabbled in my tea-break though.

And Who Will Save Him? [Supernatural, Dean, Sam, gen, PG, 100 words. For [info]100_ghosts - prompt, Achilles' Heel. Spoilers for 2.20.]

always with the right thing )

5/4/07 10:49 am - Smallville - Noir

Aargh, the frustration! My high res copy of What Is and What Should Never Be (which came out nice and early) is corrupted, and I've only managed to watch the first eight minutes or so! I got to see this, and this, and this. Oh, and this one. Then no more!

I got Smallville, Noir good and early though, so here, have some pretty Smallville picspam while I'm trying to hunt down a watchable copy of Supernatural.

Noir )

[ 6x20, Noir - 765 caps, 960x528 ] [gallery]

5/3/07 09:10 pm - No more nice guy

I was going to place nice. Play fair.

No more!!!

Thing is, I have this bet going on with [info]tvm - I don't think she can hold out until the end of the season without looking at spoilers (of the SPN kind). She claims she can. Loser writes the other a story of their choice. Fair enough. Good bet.

Until I learn what she's going to make me write! (And people I thought were my friends voted for me to write Sam/Dean tentacle fic. With chainsaws. *cries* I know who you are!!!!)

So, if [info]tvm wins, you all lose, not just me. :-( Whereas, if I win, I'm going to ask for something nice! So if I win, fandom wins. \o/ In other words, a little tempting with urls of spoilers wouldn't come amiss - just drop the links here. Obviously, actually spoiling her would be cheating, and I don't hold with cheating. (OK, so I do, but I still don't want anyone to deliberately spoil her.) But enticing her with some pretty links, all begging to be clicked on...

In other news, most of my friends are a whole lot less cruel than I expected! So far, all I've written for that 'give me three stories I'd never write' meme is some Lex/Chloe porn and Sam and Dean finding out about John and Pastor Jim's secret slashy past. Either none of you know my bulletproof squicks, or you're too nice for your own good!

5/3/07 12:58 pm - Smallville wallpapers: 'Rome's Favored Son' and 'The Golden Slave'

My third Smallville post in less than a week! It must be 2004 again!

Reason this time is that, ages ago, [info]beet and I fancied making a little collaborative something. And now we've finally done it. [info]beet has made two gorgeous manips, and I made wallpaper and icons from them. Please, do pop over and tell her what a fantastic job she's done!

Rome's Favored Son

1400x1050 | 1440x900 | 1280x1024
1152x864 | 1280x800 | 1024x768

the spoils of war )

6 icons )

ETA: [info]beet and I both think these need a story to go with them. *nudges*

5/2/07 07:39 pm - April story roundup

It was a good month. 'lost invisible here' was on the go for ages, but everything else just happened, rolled onto the page almost fully formed. Honestly, does anything beat that feeling?

a million miles in another man's mask (superhero blues) [Smallville, Clark/Lex, PG-13, 4,376 words]

and back again [Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, PG, 2,179 words]

lost invisible here [Supernatural, Dean/Sam, NC-17, 9,280 words]

Explosions in the Sky [Supernatural, Sam, Dean, gen, PG, 100 words]

If The Hoof Fits [Gilmore Girls, Michel, Jackson, gen, PG, 100 words]

another kind of comfort [Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Cristina, strong R, 225 words plus artwork, coda to 3x18]

the sky of the sky of a tree called life [Friday Night Lights, Lyla, Tyra, gen, PG, 502 words, coda to 1.22]

wonderful one times one [Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, PG-13, 755 words]

Hitting the High Notes [Supernatural, Sam, Dean, crack, genderswitch, gen, R, 2,403 words]

hold me like a newborn [Supernatural, Dean & Sam, schmoopy gen, PG-13 for language, 842 words]

Lay Lady Lay [Gilmore Girls, early season 5 Dean/Rory, PG-13, 100 words]

I was going to say something about them, but I'd be here forever. So I shall just gloat over having wangled Friday 18th (aka Supernatural finale day for those of us not in the US) off work - I can cry, scream at Kripke (I am completely unspoiled, I just remember the last finale!), wibble with everyone, and go 'oh, Sam' and 'oh, Dean' all day!

And now, despite the fact that I am so far behind in answering comments/emails I have no idea how I'll ever catch up, I'm going to do that writing meme. Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a line or two of one of them. Talk about open house for those of you who know me well enough to be really mean!

4/30/07 07:03 pm - Smallville - Freak to Nemesis

Two Smallville posts in a row - feels like old times. I had a great time writing my remix fic last weekend, falling back into my love for Lex and Clark. And the whole remixing experience was fascinating - I'd never entirely got the point of it all before, but yeah, I see now.

And in a wave of nostalgia for my old OTP, I've caught up on Smallville. And I'm not sure if it was low expectations, or what, but once I got started I felt a huge wave of my old love of Smallville again. Happy happy.

highlights )

This calls for picspam )

[6x15, Freak - 429 caps, 1280x720 | 6x16, Promise - 630 caps, 960x528 | 6x18, Progeny - 537 caps, 960x528 | 6x19, Nemesis - 623 caps, 960x528] [galleries]

4/29/07 05:15 pm - Smallville fic: a million miles in another man's mask (superhero blues)

Title: a million miles in another man's mask (superhero blues)
Author: Signe
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4,376 words
Notes: Written as a pinch hit for [info]remix_redux. Original story: I, Superhero by [info]arysteia. A huge thank you to [info]scribblinlenore for stepping in and betaing at the very last minute! Originally posted here.

Light format for those who prefer it.

He chooses black. Simple and tasteful. And a black mask that covers his head. "People are going to be scared if they see you." "Good," Lex says. )

4/27/07 09:47 pm - SPN 2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues screencaps

picspam )

[ zip file 1, zip file 2 - 1,011 caps in total] [ gallery ]

4/27/07 02:08 pm - Supernatural 2x19 - Fulsom Prison Blues

While I think to mention it, I've posted a couple of sets of Supernatural vid recs over on [info]spnroundtable recently: here and here.

Folsom Prison Blues )

12 icons )

Caps to come later - the copy I've watched was faulty, so no decent caps yet.

4/25/07 01:13 pm - Gilmore Girls fic: "and back again"

Title: and back again
Author: Signe
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Dean/Rory
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,179 words
Spoilers: for 2x12 and 6x02.
Notes: A huge thank you to [info]mcee, who's saved me from the most embarrassing errors ever!

Rory's excited. More than excited; she's so gleeful Dean doesn't have the word for it. There should be a new word, specially made for her. It could be like German words, a huge breathless combination of excited and happy words - she's happyjoyfulgleefilledrory.  )

4/23/07 09:08 pm - Supernatural story: "lost invisible here"

Title: lost invisible here
Author: Signe
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 9,280 words
Notes: Written for [info]pheebs1, for her request (invisible Wincest) made ages ago in the Massive Flist Fic Exhange o' Doom. Huge thanks as ever to my betas: [info]flipmontigirl who I'm utterly dependant on, and [info]annalazarus who is very patiently Americanising me.

Light format, for those who prefer it.

"Fucking religious nuts." "I don't know," Sam says slyly. "A lot of what they say makes sense, when you think about it." Dean turns his head away from the road ahead and stares at Sam. Long and considering. Then bursts out laughing. "Good one, Sammy." He pats him on the thigh. "Good one." )

4/21/07 09:52 pm - PB

I'm starving hungry – my stomach's like this bottomless pit tonight, and isn't that a pretty mental image? But it's Saturday, Tesco closes in ten minutes, and I have nothing interesting in my house that doesn't require proper cooking, and I'm all about insta gratification.

So I thought, how about trying peanut butter and jelly. I blame Lorelai Gilmore in part, with her PB&J sushi (never mind it took me until the end of the episode to work out what PB&J is). Anyway, I have peanut butter, and I have strawberry jam, and I have bread. Everything I need. Except I started looking at it, and aside from boggling at the idea that people actually eat this, I have a logistics problem. How does it work? Does the peanut butter go on first? Does the jam spread on top of it, because I'm visualising a mess here. Is crunchy peanut butter acceptable? Are they spread on separate slices of bread and then stuck together? And is it really edible, or is it a myth? Is it a non-verbal Shibboleth, a test to see if a person is really American or not?

4/20/07 09:34 pm - SPN 2x18 - Hollywood Babylon

Picspam only tonight - I have a remix story to write, and not much time. Especially as I haven't even chosen a story to remix yet! Um, [info]musesfool, don't worry, it will be done!

picspam )

[ zip file 1, zip file 2 - 1004 caps total ] [ gallery ]

4/19/07 01:14 pm - Signe McNeedy

I'm needy person today. Two things for me, one for the general good.

1. I need a regular Gilmore Girls beta. I love tough betas, so a willingness to tell me if half the story is hooptedoodle is essential. I know the rules of grammar well enough that when I break them it's usually intentional, and I'm not too prone to typos, but ability to spot Briticisms and comma misuse would be good. Job benefits are... well, minimal, but I return beta, or do other favours! :-)

2. My laptop isn't going to last much longer, and even though it's a heavy old thing with a battery life that's now so bad it won't even switch on if it's not plugged into the mains, I'll be lost without it. So, I need a new one. And this time, something portable, as small and light as possible, with a good battery life, but that won't break my bank account. I've always loathed Macs, but I'm semi-open to the idea of one, if it's not too much of a problem when it comes to software (I'll only want to run basic stuff on it: Word, Firefox, PowerDVD, BSPlayer, Semagic, maybe Photoshop). I don't need high spec, as I won't be storing much on it, or even multi-tasking that much, so portability is the big thing. I'm thinking 11 or 12" screen if possible. Any suggestions, whether of the 'get this' or 'avoid this' variety would be welcome. I'd also like some justification for buying this case - pretty!

3. Your country needs YOU! Well, sort of. If you wince when Lex Luthor rides the lift up to his office, or when Sam and Dean open the boot of the Impala, you can do something about it! I'm collecting American betas over on [info]drop_the_u, people willing to check over non-American author's stories for all those little tells. You can volunteer here.

4/18/07 12:23 pm - Supernatural drabble: Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky [Supernatural, Sam, Dean, gen, PG, 100 words, written for [info]100_ghosts challenge #12 - calm before the storm. Dedicated to [info]a_fallen_sister.]

"You gotta go, Sammy."

"It'll be fine, Dean," he says, voice muffled by his pillow.

"It won't. You know it won't. You gotta go now."

"Dean, I'm tired, the bed's comfortable, and I just wanna sleep."

Dean groans. "It's coming," he says. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Sam grunts in answer and presses his face further into the pillow.

And then—

It's explosive-loud, but that's not the worst of it.

The smell. The smell is awful.

Sam had forgotten – he's had four years to forget – what Dean is like after Mexican takeout.

He picks up his pillow and flees.

4/16/07 11:38 pm - Gilmore Girls Drabble: "If The Hoof Fits"

If The Hoof Fits [Gilmore Girls, Michel, Jackson, gen, PG, 100 words. Written for this week's [info]100_coffees prompt, bull in a china shop.]

Yet another crash from the kitchen, and Michel huffs.

"She," he says, "is a bull in a china shop."

"Did you just call my wife a bull?" Jackson demands.

"If the hoof fits—"

"Outside, Froggy," Jackson shouts.

"Regrettably," Michel says smoothly, "I am completely tied up with work right now, and unable to take part in your silly little macho rite."

"Then we'll fight here."

Jackson charges towards Michel. One foot slips, then he's sliding across the floor, helpless. A clatter from the kitchen echoes the sound of a vase falling on his head.

"Bull. China shop," Michel mutters.
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