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9/7/07 09:07 pm - Ho Ho Ho

Seems like half of fandom are hos by now, but I'm throwing my hat into the ring anyway, and selling myself for Sweet Charity.

I'm offering a minimum of 2,000 words, either Supernatural (Dean/Sam, Dean & Sam, or Sam/female character) or Gilmore Girls (Dean/Rory, or gen). If you're interested in any other fandom I've written (Friday Night Lights, Wilby Wonderful, Smallville, Green Wing, Good Omens, Sports Night, Narnia etc) or fandom you think I might be familiar with, or in a crossover, throw an idea at me (before bidding), and I'll let you know if I think I can do it.

I've put a vague list of what I can and can't write up on the site, but it's hard to generalise. So, you know, just ask. Leave a comment here or email me. And if you want something slightly different to the offer, say two shorter stories in different fandoms, I'm up for that too.

Please, please, please, somebody bid on me!!! It's for a good cause!

And while I'm here, I'm doing the obligatory (one time only) crossposting to different blog sites. I'm on livejournal, journalfen, insanejournal and greatestjournal, all as oxoniensis. And if you're after my del.icio.us recs feed, you can find it as oxoniensis_rss on journalfen and oxoniensisfeed on insanejournal (sorry about the name - someone already set that up unfortunately, so I didn't have a choice in the name), as well as oxoniensis_recs on livejournal.

8/15/07 10:01 pm - Favour

I need a little favour. If you've got a paid account here and wouldn't mind taking a couple of minutes to set up a feed for me (it's easy, and I can give instructions), would you leave me a comment? Thanks! (Will pay in icons - just tell me what you want).

Also, sorry if anyone got their flist inundated the other day when I was backing up my LJ here - I set it all to backdate, but I know some old entries showed up on at least one flist. Eeek!

8/2/07 01:55 pm - Hiatus and haiku - two words not to be confused

I'm taking a brief fannish/livejournal hiatus - maybe a few days, or a week or two, however long it takes. Hopefully I'll be back full of enthusiasm, joie de vivre, and maybe even tanned. Though I'm not wildly hopeful for the last one - our two day summer seems to be over already. Good thing I like the rain!

Also, I'm giving myself a bit of a comment amnesty - I have old comments on meta posts and picspam posts going back... well, a long way (I am ashamed to actually say how long), and I think I'm going to call it a day on trying to catch up. I will catch up with all the fic feedback though, definitely!

One last haiku for the Small Fandom Haiku-a-thon before I go:

Hand in Hand [Pushing Daisies, Ned/Charlotte]

The piemaker dreams;
he and Chuck, hand in hand, while
mermaids swim around.

8/1/07 07:18 pm - Haiku, five fandoms

Lunchtime, I decided to write a haiku (or haikuish type thing) for all the F fandoms on the Small Fandom Haiku-a-thon. Just because I could. And also an NCIS one, because I had a couple of minutes left. All G rated.

Fantastic Four, Firefly, Farscape, Friday Night Lights and NCIS haiku - sort of spoilery for all, but probably only if you actually know the spoilers )

7/31/07 12:40 pm - Haiku: a merry mischief brews

Some slashy silliness in very vaguely Haiku form (not for the purists). For the small fandom Haiku-a-thon. Prompt – Shakespeare, The Tempest: Ariel – picture.

a merry mischief brews [The Tempest, Ariel, Ferdinand/Francisco, Miranda/OFC, PG, 12 haiku]

A blackthorn stave, cut
at dead of night, and virgin
copper thread, bound in

spirals round about,
once trapped this sprite. A lonely
tree his prison long.

But Syrcorax is
dead, and Prospero has kept
his word. Ariel,

now twice freed, old soul
and powerful spirit, makes
mischief brew once more

and conjures up, swift,
a noisy mist to fall o'er
Prospero's fair isle

to work his merry
game. No evil will betide
man or woman touched,

but voices heard, and
whispers loud, will linger long
in thought and idle

dreams. When once they're home,
fine Ferdinand may fancy
himself in love, not

with his woman won,
but a handsome childhood friend,
the Lord Francisco.

Miranda will not
pine, but learn the pleasures to
be found in soft curves

and sweet breasts, in the
honey-touch of pale hands and
the kiss of pink lips.

And Ariel will
fly aloft, watching mayhem
turn to happiness.

7/29/07 05:24 pm - Burn Notice and Eureka icons

I'm not contributing to the first impressions meme for anyone, because, well, I just don't remember. Most of the time, I can't even remember how/where/when we met, let alone specific first impressions! Who are you again?

I'm not exactly blocked when it comes to writing at the moment - I'm just too tired to feel like it. Which is a bummer when I have ideas coming out of my ears.

So, icons.

21 Burn Notice and Eureka icons )

7/27/07 10:34 pm - Quick pimping

Small Fandom Haiku-a-thon - small fandom love!! Organised by [info]trascendenza - she's taking prompts until Sunday, then haiku writing starts on Monday. Go and give prompts, please! Especially wacky ones for fun haiku! Or schmoopy ones for love haiku. Or anything really!!

7/26/07 09:53 pm - Bunny seeking good home/not rambling about DH

Has anyone written the story where Sam Winchester heard stray rumours of Wolfram and Hart while he was at Stanford, and ends up contacting Lindsey McDonald and the reason he's contacting him is spoilery for the end of season 2 ) And if not, is someone (who's better on Angel canon than me) going to write it? There'd be cookies in it for you!

I was going to post some rambling (with emphasis on the rambling, because I read it over three nights when I was half asleep) thoughts on Deathly Hallows, but (1) I'm sure just about everything that could be said, or that needs to be said, has been said already and (2) it would probably have devolved into all the reasons I think Ron Weasley is a whinging prat. And I know we all got very different things out of the book, and liked and disliked different things, but oh, the assumption I keep seeing that we all love Ron is really bugging me. We don't - I spent all seven books wanting to clip him around the ear, hard, and then give him a kick up the backside for good measure. I get that other people have their favourites, and I respect that. Just why do I have to keep reading comments that imply that I like your favourites? Sweeping statements are nobody's friend. (And yes, that was a sweeping statement - irony amuses me, even cheap irony).

Um, can I blame the weather for being cranky? I need some sunshine. And quite possibly some sleep too.

7/25/07 10:45 pm - music is what feelings sound like

This is both birthday music for the elderly (but in denial) [info]ice_crystal, and an answer to [info]fahye's question about music that tugs at the heartstrings. This is beautiful music, emotional break up music, wallowing in tears in the dark music, or equally music to smile in happiness to.

Peter Gabriel - With This Love (choir) from The Last Temptation of Christ.

David Sylvian and Ryiuchi Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours for David Sylvian's voice, and the heartbreaking lyrics. I can't remember if the vocal version is in the movie, but the instrumental at least was in Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.)

Franz Schubert - Ave Maria (Maria Callas) Not the best recording ever, because it's old, obviously, but Maria Callas has such a beautiful voice, I had to pick it over more recent recordings.

Mark Isham - My Wife With Champagne Shoulders I first heard him play trumpet at a David Sylvian concert, and went out the next day and bought an album, even though I don't particularly like trumpets.

Faure - Requiem, Sanctus. I get lost listening to this.

Brian Eno - On Some Faraway Beach Brian Eno really does go the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous! This is at the sublime end.

Lamb - Gabriel

Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand In Mine

Eric Satie - Gymnopedie No. 3 (piano)

Ennio Morricone - On Earth as It Is In Heaven from the soundtrack to The Mission.

Sigur Ros - Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása Gah, I just know I'm going to keep remembering more pieces to add, but I can't leave this out.

And one more late addition, that I can't leave off the list.

Bach - Cello Suite No.1, Prelude performed by Yo Yo Ma (I'm going to try to make this the last edit!)

As always, if you enjoy the tasters, support the artists and buy their albums, do!

ETA: I was going to add Peter Murphy's Strange Kind of Love, but I only seem to have it on... um, LP! (Shut up, Anne, it doesn't make me that ancient!) Does anyone have the mp3 they'd be willing to share?

7/25/07 09:11 pm - Stock banners and icons/Psych screencaps

I posted musics yesterday, just before the internets broke. Doesn't make me responsible!

I could have sworn I had a ton of things to post about. Have no idea what they were. So how about some assorted stock banners and icons I made about three months ago, and keep forgetting to post?! Not that I'm lazy about posting or anything. Nope.

banners and icons )

And some Psych screencaps. [ 1x07 - 283 caps, 960 x536 - zip file | gallery ]

7/24/07 08:54 pm - Recs and music and writing stuff

Bulletpoint posting.

+ The latest chat over on [info]spnroundtable is still open for anyone to jump in – about point of view, chosing it, reading and writing it. There are some good points being made in the comments (and some good advice for newbie writers).

+ Also on [info]spnroundtable – I posted recs, 14 Supernatural crossover stories.

+ Story research is normally my bugbear. It's all fiddly details that no one else is going to notice, but that I have to get right, petty little stuff that makes google give me wtf messages. Times I've told myself I ought to stick to writing Harry Potter or Doctor Who, or better yet Green Wing – I mean, I just have to go to work and keep my eyes and ears open and I've got Green Wing stories right there! But right now, research is simply the best FUN. I'm taking a bit of myth from here and a bit of religion from there, mixing in a Chinese legend or two, adding a dash of science, cooking it until done, and I think I might just have a fabulous Supernatural plot. The world is my puppet!

+ Music for you: here's who I'm listening to this week [in one handy zip file if you want the lot or don't like YSI]

Brad Sucks – I Think I Started a Trend | Overreacting
Sometimes he sounds sexy, sometimes he makes me laugh, especially when he's being all gently self-mocking. I like that in a guy, and it doesn't hurt in a musician too.

Arthur Yoria – Call Me
Catchy stuff.

Jeffrey Luck Lucas – You Knew It Well | In the Stars' Whirling
Lush and sometimes melancholy. Sort of country feel to the vocals, but try it even if you're not into country music at all.

Andrew Bird – Skin Is, My
Amazing song, layer upon layer of rhythm.

Ani DeFranco – Both Hands
When it starts, I always think this is the score to a Peter Greenaway movie. It's a mixture that shouldn't really work – soaring orchestrals sliding into intimate voice and guitar and then blending all together – but somehow she pulls it together.

Bird York – In the Deep
The theme to Crash - something soothing for the end of the day, sung by Toby's ex (West Wing fans).

Beck – Lost Cause
Sea Change is actually my favourite Beck album – I love the delicacy of the acoustic guitar and down-beat lyrics.

Smashing Pumpkins – Doomsday Clock | Bring the Light
Billy Corgan's back! OTT apocalyptic rock. Hee, I mock but I love.

And finally, [info]ice_crystal sent me this link earlier in the week, because she knows how much I love Sigur Ros, and I was enthralled: Sad Song Video (even if you download the song, do watch the video as well).
Fredo Viola – The Turn | Sad Song

+ It hasn't rained at all today, and my house isn't flooded. Good times, friends, good times!

7/20/07 01:31 pm - Porn Battle (Fourth Verse) Final Tally

You'd have had the stats last night, but posting numbers drunk? Um, no. My brain objects to being made to type numbers while slightly sozzled.

So, thanks yet again to the amazing [info]pesha, here's what there is. 232 entries - 107 authors/artists, 8 pieces of art and 2 pieces of art with fiction, one collection of porny haiku, a handful of poems, 21 bonus/extended editions, and a grand total of 71 fandoms (some represented only in crossovers). What's really cool is that some of the tiny little rare fandoms actually had more entries than big fandoms. Can you tell that pleases me?!

[info]trascendenza 'wins' with 19 individual submissions. [info]curtana came in second with 9 total submissions, [info]selfinduced and [info]vzg both had 8 submissions each and [info]black_eyedgirl came in for a very honorable mention with 7 pieces total.

Fandom 'winners': Stargate Atlantis romped home in the lead with 36 entries, Stargate SG-1 made a late showing and produced a very creditable 29 entries, and Supernatural came third with 18.

Not going to say much about the latest LJ announcement regarding the TOS, for the sake of those who're getting that déjà vu feeling over all the fandom panic. Just that, as far as I can see, fanfiction, even the really porny, passes the Miller test, so I'll be sticking around here, and there'll be another Porn Battle in six months time. If you've got any suggestions for the next one, leave them here.

What I am going to say something about is the weather. Because it's England, and I never do, but I ought to complain at least occasionally. It's a national requirement. And when it's rained practically non-stop all summer, and I'm winter-white in July, there's cause for complaint! Also, I like thunderstorms, but not right on top of me - I want a gap between my lightning and my thunder, please!

7/18/07 08:14 pm - Porn Battle ending soon

Less than an hour to go in the Porn Battle (Fourth Verse)...

Time's up, but if you want to sneak a few late entries on, I don't mind. Especially if it's a pairing I like! You just won't get linked from the Porn Battle site, 'cos there has to be some penalty for being late.

ETA: Because LJ's being a poophead this evening, I've extended the deadline. Sort of loosely to midnight UK time 'officially', but I'll probably sneak later entries onto the website too.

7/17/07 09:00 pm - NCIS ficlet: The Psychology of Pigtail Pulling

Exactly 24 hours left to go in the Porn Battle! Go and show the writers and artists some love, please! There are some really amazingly little pornlets there.

I'd try to explain away this one, but all I can come up with when I look at it is 'huh?'

The Psychology of Pigtail Pulling [NCIS, Abby/Ziva, hint of Tim/Abby, R, 361 words, written for the Porn Battle (Fourth Verse), prompt word pigtail. Slightly porny silliness.]

Pigtails, and pigtail-pulling, tell you a lot about a person. Abby knows. From practical experience, of course. )

7/17/07 02:06 pm - Supernatural ficlet: waiting for the poppy buds to split open

waiting for the poppy buds to split open [Supernatural, Sam/Lenore, NC-17, 771 words. Written for the Porn Battle, prompt word fallen. Thanks to [info]tvm for staying up to look it over for me.]

for a second he feels like he understands everything, like she's split him open and filled him up again with all her knowledge )


[info]pesha tells me there are 158 entries (plus 17 bonus/extended works) up on the Porn Battle site (and some more on the post since the last tally), in 61 fandoms! And there's still over a day to go!

7/15/07 07:34 pm - Prison Break, Eureka, Doctor Who, actress and Constantine icons/Sports Night screencaps

Wow, I'm posting up a storm today. Making up for being a bit on the quiet side this last month or two.

Icons this time, over on [info]possibleruby: 25 from [info]slodwick and 25 from me, using the same caps.

[ Prison Break, Eureka, Doctor Who, actress and Constantine icons ]

Also some Sports Night screencaps.

[ 1x03, The Hungry and the Hunted, 284 caps, 54 MB | 2x10 - The Giants Win the Pennant..., 163 caps, 17 MB | 2x11 - The Cut Man Cometh, 202 caps, 23 MB | 2x13 - Dana Get Your Gun, 284 caps, 49 MB | galleries ]

ETA: [info]simplelyric's uploaded some sexy songs for Porn Battle writers to help themselves to. Get 'em while they're hot!

7/15/07 03:26 pm - Supernatural snippet: buried in the skin

I've not wanted to keep spamming with all the updates, but as a heads up, I'm updating the Porn Battle site daily with links to the latest stories/art/poetry, thanks to [info]pesha's hard work sorting and coding. Or you can catch up with the latest entries here, or even, you know, join in and post something. (That not so subtle hint goes out to me too - I've failed so far, but I will, dammit, I will write porn by Wednesday! There, I've said it, I have to now.)


Happy birthday [info]musesfool - have a wee gift.

buried in the skin [Supernatural, Dean/girl!Sam, PG-13, 236 words, spoilers for 2.22]

it's a new day )

7/15/07 12:51 pm - Tutorial: adding a favicon to your website or livejournal

A favicon is a little icon that shows up in the browser address bar, next to your url. They're cute!

They also show up on tabs, so they're not just cute, they're very handy as a method of quickly distinguishing one tab from another.

so here's how to make one, and how to add one to your website or livejournal )

And in case you wanted to use a favicon, but don't want the bother of making one, I've made a little batch of them, 44 in total.

preview and zip file )

7/12/07 07:45 pm - Torchwood ficlet: Centre of the Universe

You'd think I'd be posting something porny, wouldn't you, seeing as I'm running the Porn Battle. But you'd be wrong! Instead, a little bit of minor character fic, that I suspect will interest pretty much no one! Sometimes I just like to write for me.

Centre of the Universe [Torchwood, Rhys, Rhys/Gwen, PG-13, 750 words]

She used to look at him like he was a chip butty, like she couldn't keep her hands off of him, like she wanted to eat him up. Like he was the centre of her universe and everything revolved around them, together.  )

7/12/07 12:57 pm - Porn Battle site update

Thanks to [info]pesha's help, I've updated the Porn Battle website with the first 12 hours worth of porn battle entries. 31 stories, 1 piece of art, in 20 fandoms by 22 different authors/artists!

A note on the prompts. I merged ones for movie sequels (so I put prompts for Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 13 together, same for Pirates of the Caribbean). Others may well be oddly organised because I don't know half the fandoms, or who's who in them! The last few prompts that came in were well after I'd called time, so they didn't make it onto the list. And there are mistakes, because it literally took me half the night to organise them and I stopped drinking coffee part way through so my eyes started going funny - some have been spotted and sorted, but there are sure to be more, so let me know if you find any.

Also, there are some really amazing crossover ideas that just have to be written. I mean, Bible/HP - King Saul/Severus Snape, anyone? And how I love the idea of Moulin Rouge/Torchwood - Jack/Christian or Jack/Satine! I think Jack Harkness probably turns up more than anyone else in the crossover section!

entries so far, by fandom )

7/11/07 06:55 pm - The Porn Battle (Fourth Verse, Same as the First)


To join the battle, all you need to do is pick a prompt from below (any prompt, even if it's your own) and write the porniest bit of fiction you can, or make the hottest manip or painting or vid or song. That's all folks – just one bit of steamy, panty-wetting porn. Make it as kinky or as subtle as you like, but make it hot, melt your readers, create a stampede to all the fannish bunks worldwide.

When you've written/painted/made it, paste it into the comments here. Once you've done that, you can post it wherever else you want.

You may enter as many times as you like, so long as each entry is completely separate (not a series of linked pieces). Also, please do not link to old work - this should be something new, produced for the challenge, based on one of the prompts.

how to take part )

prompts )

The Porn Battle website is here. Thanks to the wonderful coding-master [info]pesha (who also provided this version's title), I'll be updating it with links sorted by fandom and by author as the entries come in.

Make porn!!


7/8/07 01:52 pm - Porn Battle (fourth verse, same as the first)

It's porn battle number four!!

This is the first stage, and absolutely everyone can take part in this, whether you're a writer, artist, reader, lurker, whatever. All you have to do here is provide prompts.

Quick outline of the battle:
1. Stage 1: I'll be collecting prompts on this post from now until Tuesday 9 pm (UK time).
2. Stage 2: I'll post a (hopefully) huge list of prompts on Wednesday.
3. Stage 3: You'll have a week to write/draw/manip/vid the steamiest bit of porn you can from any of the prompts.
4. You can make as many entries as you want – I'm not going to limit the porn output! And there won't be any assignments – multiple people can use the same prompts and you can use your own prompts if you want.
5. As always, the entries will be limited to what will fit in one comment (4,300 characters). I'll post full details on the porn post on Wednesday (but you can always check out the last one to see how it went).
6. Any questions, leave them in the comments on this post.

leaving prompts )

If you want to pimp it, here are some buttons (you can hotlink them if you like):

buttons )

ETA: I'm begging you folks, please read the instructions before posting prompts, especially No. 5 - it will save me hours when it comes to organising the prompts. And it'll save me swearing off ever doing this again! Thank you! :-)


7/7/07 09:15 pm - Porn Battle Coming!!

Six months since the last porn battle... You know what that means!

But just in case you're new around here, here's a clue.

I'll be taking prompts from tomorrow onwards, so get thinking (fandoms, pairings and prompt words)! And if you've got any questions or suggestions, drop me a comment here.

In the meantime, I'll point out that shameless behaviour, such as bribing friends to write/draw you the porn of your choice is not at all a bad thing in this challenge. In fact, it's encouraged. As is bartering: I'll write A/B if you draw X/Y! It's a porn battle, it's GONNA GET DIRTY!!!

[I want me some Rusty/Danny and Dean/Sam and Ten/Jack and Dean/Rory!]

7/1/07 08:07 pm - Icons with Slod!

I am all excited. Because even though it might seem like I've been doing absolutely nothing fannish this last week or two, beside reading [info]spn_big_bang fics and watching Doctor Who (which admittedly isn't that far off the mark), I've actually been busy making icons with [info]slodwick.

She had the cool idea of taking it in turns to provide screencaps, and both make icons from them: five screencaps, five icons from each of us. We've now got five sets of five icons each, posted on our joint art playground, [info]possibleruby (which you're welcome to friend - all the posts where we provide caps are locked, but the icon posts will all be open). And for those of you who like to see the process, we've posted links to the screencaps we used.

[ 50 icons - Thoughtcrimes, Supernatural, Ocean's 13, Love Actually and Sports Night ]


Thanks everyone who voted in my poll earlier - oxoniensis.org was the runaway winner, and I'm now the owner of that domain. Who knows, it might actually mean that my fic site will get updated!

6/27/07 01:40 am - Attention, Rory/Dean peoples!

What can be exciting enough to keep me up at this hour? New Dean/Rory fic, written for me, that's what! Wonderful, realistic, happy Dean/Rory futurefic!!

I won [info]sathinks' writing skills in Sweet Charity, and bounced up and down for a ridiculous amount of time when she said she'd write me Dean/Rory. And here it is.

[ the heart be still as loving by SA | Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, R ]

And now, sleep.

eta: I've just realised this is my fourth Gilmore Girls entry in a row (and they all mention Dean/Rory)! I HAVE NOT LOST MY SPN LOVE - Sam and Dean have too strong a hold on my heart! Just in case anyone was thinking an intervention was necessary or anything.

6/19/07 09:34 pm - I'm on a gin and tonic diet: so far, I've lost two days

My new favourite mug - a present from my mother. Not sure what she was trying to tell me.

Is it horribly wrong to wish my parents would leave because I want to write some sort of cracked out universe in which Dean and Rory and Lane fight vampires, Luke is Rory's crotchety watcher, Paris is a smart but badly dressed version of Cordelia, Lorelai is a milf, and Sam and Dean wander into town just as something big is going down? Hijinks and bad jokes ensue. It all comes from drabbling about zombie!Kirk - there's something about zombie!Kirk that makes me weirdly happy.

6/18/07 08:02 am - Gilmore Girls drabble: New Boy

I just fancy the idea of Dean in the Chilton uniform!

New Boy [Gilmore Girls, Dean/Tristan, PG, AU, 100 words. Another one for [info]100_coffee's alternate universe prompt.]

Dean hates first days. )

Also, I wrote comment-schmoop for [info]femmenerd - if you're desperate for happy future Dean/Rory FLUFF, it's here.

6/17/07 05:42 pm - Gilmore Girl drabble: Rory the Vampire Slayer

I wrote something!!!

Rory the Vampire Slayer [Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, PG, AU, 100 words. For [info]100_coffees' alternate universe prompt.]

Rory shakes the lingering dust off her stake and slips it back into her weapons bag. Hand out, she pulls Dean to his feet easily.

"Close call," she says cheerfully.

"Next time, you're the bait," Dean says, rubbing at the bite-mark on his neck. Rory's tempted to kiss it better.


For now, she flips the hair out of her face and checks the alley. It's quiet, no more of Taylor's undead army left.

"All clear," she announces. "Beer at Luke's?"

"Or we could go zombie hunting."

"Kirk's risen again?" Rory groans.

"Two sightings this week."

"Zombie hunting it is."

6/13/07 02:29 pm - Happy birthday, Destina!

+ Happy birthday, [info]destina! You're one of the loveliest people I've had the privilege of getting to know in fandom. Here's wishing you a wonderful day!

+ There's a good chat going over here on [info]spnroundtable about myths and monsters in Supernatural - both on the show, and in the fanfic. Anyone and everyone's welcome to go over there and join in.

+ This morning I got trapped in my bedroom. By a wardrobe. I was a little over-ambitious in my own furniture moving abilities! Thank heavens for mobile phones is all I can say.

+ I had intended to spend some time being fannish and attempting to write this week. Decorating and stuff has taken over instead, and I'm on a roll I just can't interrupt. I did make a few icons the other day though, which I'll share even though it's entirely possible that I'm the only person who thinks an icon of a fish x-ray or lizard skeleton is appealing!

i love reptiles and cephalopods )

6/7/07 08:14 pm - Lola

Meet Lola.

I ♥ Lola!

lola )

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